The Relais park, measuring around 2 hectares, was once a Vineyard.

It was left uncultivated and in a state of neglect for some decades. Our redesign has maintained the verdant beauty of the space by integrating it harmoniously into the panorama of the UNESCO hills. The new structures, such as the swimming pools, have been built with respect for the pre-existing vegetation. Enjoy the stroll among the Lebanese cedars between the two villas. Every corner of the park has been carefully designed to include plants which bloom, colour and perfume the whole area throughout every season.

The pools

Water and nature to regenerate you

Immersed in the green of the park and with a dazzling view of the hills, the outdoor swimming pools of Villa Fontana will allow you to relax and cool off in the summer or to stay comfortably rugged-up on the deck chairs of the solarium in the cooler months. From there you can experience a feeling of total well-being, in contact with nature, and admire the gorgeous view, thanks to the pools’ exclusive position.


Special corners

Within the park there are magical places to discover

Two gazebos entwined with jasmine, originally created to commemorate an ancient grape therapy, have been, in the past, chosen by some of our guests as the ideal romantic coffer for the exchange of marriage vows.
Deep in the park, under the walnut tree, there are cup-shaped hanging chairs, romantic ‘nests’ where you can settle in and lose yourself in the natural surroundings and the changing, undulating landscape. Among the Lebanese cedar trees, two benches overlook the surrounding landscape – the backdrop for your aperitifs at sunset or time-out with a good book.

Didactic vineyard

Born out of the owners’ desire to share their knowledge and passion of this ‘fruit of the earth’

The grape brings us its precious and miraculous powers and our vineyard contains some of the most prestigious types of vines present in southern Piedmont.
At the beginning of each row, on the head pole, you will find a placard with information about each cultivated vine with its relative characteristics. At the centre of the vineyard is the ‘topia’: a shady area covered by climbing vines where the farmers, during long days of hard work, found reprieve from the summer heat.

The Vegetable Garden

Our close connection with the land can again be found in the garden of the Villa: explore the source of the unique flavours of the Relais

With its characteristic circular shape divided into twelve segments, like the months of the year, each section is home to different aromatic herbs and vegetables for each season. Of course, they are used to give fresh and unique character to each dish of the La Fontana del Re, in line with the best of the region’s gastronomic traditions.
Sage, rosemary and bay leaf are among the aromatic plants which grow vigorously in our garden, and are the those most frequently used to bring out the flavours of our typical dishes, thanks to their enveloping and delicate taste.

The Orchard

A space to explore, among magnificent flowering trees and delicious fruit which tastes as good as you remember it

Have you ever seen a jujube tree? Do you like to eat cherries picked straight from the tree? And the peaches? Venture into our orchard and discover its fruits according to the season you come to visit.

The open-air Theatre

Breath-taking art and views, in the heart of the Relais park

The most dramatic player of all – Nature – is centre stage every day at the Relais theatre: from dawn to dusk. As backdrop to the stage are the spectacular hills and red sunsets. During the summer there are small musical reviews and poetry readings under the stars.

The Madonna del Latte

A splendid terracotta icon, an enchanting votive object

A terracotta canvas with a painted image depicting the Madonna del Latte (Madonna of Milk) has been positioned on the brick wall which separates the Relais and the street leading to the village. As a votive image, young mothers would pray before her for abundant milk (painted by Ornella Mondo).