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The aromatic herbs from the land, cultivated in our garden. A careful selection of traditional ingredients. Dishes and recipes, skilfully combined, arrive from knowledge from generations past combined with modern gastronomic elegance. All this is the foundation of our menu, a unique culmination of balanced flavours which will conquer even the most demanding food critics.

Leggi le proposte del nostro Chef nel Menu di Villa Fontana


Villa Fontana SUMMER 2024 Menu


Stuffed tomato with sweet and sour caponata, sheep ricotta cheese and marjoram
Raw veal tartare, hazelnut mayonnaise, its waffle and rubhard compote
Marinated tuna, cucumber extractm cherry and almonds
Grilled scallops, cardoncelli mushrooms and gorgonzola cheese
Balsamic vinegar glazed sweetbreads, cacao and Roccaverano robiola foam

First courses:

Gragnano cold spaghetti, peppers, stracciatella cheesem red prawns and mint
Gnocchi stuffed with rabbit ragout, parmesan, Marsala and black summer truffle
Lasagnetta with pesto, pecorino cheese and black garlic
Traditional “plin” ravioli with its sauce
Carnaroli risotto, herbs and lemon, smoked eel

Fish main courses:

Octopus, its mayo, courgettes in scapece
Red drum fish, panzanella and tomato pouring

Meat main courses

Rabbit leg, lard and parsnip
BVeal sirloin, foie gras sauce and herb
Lamb rack breaded with hazelnuts, carrots cream and mixed salad


Coffee soufflè and pear sorbet
Yoghurt bavarese cake, strawberries and meringue
Chocolate and amaretti biscuits with salted caramel
Hazelnut parfait and lemon curd



Discover the other proposals

Traditional menu, dedicated to those who desire to experience the flavours of the territory as a gastronomic journey combined with local wines, or to those looking for a light break at their table without giving up the most authentic seasonal flavours.

Tasting menu


Asparagus, pecorino cheese, egg yolk cream and liquorice
• • •
Grilled scallops, cardoncelli mushrooms and gorgonzola cheese
• • •
Carnaroli risotto, peas cream and spiced duck ragout
• • •
Lamb rack breaded with hazelnuts, parsley roots cream and mixed salad

• • •

Chocolate with amaretti biscuits and salted caramel

Our salads


mixed salads, cherry tomatoes, carrots, “bufala” mozzarella cheese, “taggiasche” olives.


mixed salad, fennels, avocado, shrimps, feta cheese, yoghurt greek and lime sauce, pink grapefruit, toasted hazelnuts and poppy seeds

Our Caesar salad

iceberg salad, crunchy bacon, “Grana” cheese, garlic crispy bread and Caesar sauce with low temperature chicken breast