Nestled in the countryside of Langhe and the Monferrato, Villa Fontana offers picture-perfect moments

Villa Fontana is immersed in an enchanting landscape, straddling the Langhe and Monferrato territories – both with their unique beauty. Picturesque little villages, lush fairy-tale scenes in nature, culinary delights and wine which holds no comparison: all within reach, the mere distance between lips and glass, or the points of a fork.

Agliano Terme: le fonti miracolose a due passi da Villa Fontana


The ‘miraculous’ water of Agliano Terme, was once so well known that, in the early twentieth century, it was sold in elegant bottles from pharmacies in Genoa and Turin.

It was discovered by Agliano farmers at the end of the eighteenth century. Considered capable of curing any ailment, it drew many tourists to Agliano to experience, not only the water, but the grape-based detoxifying treatments available in the area.

Even today the springs are still regarded as ‘miraculous’, bringing you a deep sense of well-being and the holding the power to soothe and restore. The water is used for inhalation treatments in a nearby modern spa. For more information visit the site Terme di Agliano


Each grape and its bunch holds treasure within it

The extraordinary antioxidant action and restoration abilities are so potent that the Ancient Romans, centuries ago, used them for grape therapy.

The hills, seemingly raked with their rows of vines, the flavour and colours of the grapes, each different from each other, are a font of natural well-being. Even today, at the Spa of Villa Fontana, this treatment has been re-invented to bring you deep relaxation and draw out your wellness.

Agliano Terme: le terapia dell'uva

Agliano Terme: Asti, Alba e dintorni

Alba, Asti and surroundings

Certainly of pre-Roman origins, perhaps Celtic, Alba has been a busy centre of commerce since the late Roman era.

In medieval times one would have been able to watch the construction of Alba’s still-famous bells and castles. Today, Alba is still known as the ‘city of a hundred towers’, as well as being famous, of course, for the majestic truffle. Villa Fontana is 24Km from this enchanting city, and is only 15Km from the beautiful city of Asti, known throughout the world for the annual Palio and related food and wine events.
From our Relais it is only around an hours’ drive to the main cities of northern Italy: Milan, Turin, and Genoa, or you could visit the Ligurian coast – perfect for a day-trip.


The hills of the Langhe and Monferrato, UNESCO heritage listed

A landscape which never fails to move its guests with constantly changing colours and shades in time with the seasons. This extraordinary display is the backdrop for the Villa where you will experience total relaxation.
Among castles and enchanted villages, we dive into this land of great wines and renowned cuisine. Magical views of splendid panoramas and profound silences: a UNESCO Heritage listed site since 2014 – a territory to be loved and protected.

Agliano Terme: Castelli e colline di Langhe e Monferrato

Il vino in Piemonte: cantine da scoprire nelle Cattedrali Sotterranee di Canelli

Wine and history

Ancient cellars and small producers: from the Underground Cathedrals of Canelli to the most authentic, even generations owned and operated companies in the territory

A few minutes’ drive away are the Underground Cathedrals of Canelli, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which house the noble wineries of Bosca, Contratto, Coppo and Gancia.
If you prefer to visit the smaller wineries of the area, do not hesitate to ask staff in reception.


Langhe, Roero and the Monferrato host highly popular events and exhibitions.

The Langhe, Roero and the Monferrato territories boast a large and varied number of exhibitions and events; opportunities to discover, not only the best typical food wine and produce of the area, but to take a peek into the past with powerful historical re-enactments. The Barbera Fish Festival, Barbera Unplugged, the Collisioni international music festival, Vinum, the world-renowned Alba Truffle Fair, the Palio, Festivals and Douja in Asti, the Govone Christmas Markets, ‘Nizza is Barbera’, the Moncalvo Truffle Fair: this truly is a unique territory, with a thousand ways to experience it.