A place of beauty, tradition and gastronomic delicacies

Piedmont is a place rich in history and tradition. Discover the innumerable flavours which bring character to the region’s dining tables. A legacy of farming wisdom and mastery culminating in simply irresistible flavours, secrets handed down from generation to generation.

Villa Fontana e il territorio: i vitigni


As early as 1200, the capitulars of Monferrato mention the “good Barbesine vines”, those which gave rise to the Barbera DOCG vine in Asti region, in the center of which is Agliano.

Grown on the hills around Villa Fontana in almost total ‘purity’, that is, not alternating with rows of vines of other varieties, this vine was already nominated ‘bonis’ at the time.
‘La Barbera’, with its traditional article ‘la’, is a red table wine par excellence, whose natural complementary dishes are local cured meats and Piedmontese tajarin. In addition to Barbera, there are other distinguished vines such as Moscato d’Asti, Nebbiolo, Barbaresco and Barolo in the region.


At Villa Fontana you can taste the typical products from our region.

The local produce of Agliano are the highlight of Piedmont cuisine, to be enjoyed both for breakfast, with a perfect combination of sweet and savoury flavours, and for a quick snack during the day.

Furthermore, once you have finished your stay at Villa Fontana you can choose to take some of these delicacies home by purchasing them directly from local producers.

Villa Fontana e il territorio: la Barbera


Villa Fontana is located in Agliano Terme, an area renowned for its production of the Barbera DOCG wine from the most famous grape variety in Piedmont. A superb wine, it obtained the Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin in 2008.

Visiting the website www.barbera-agliano.com you will find a page dedicated to the producers and the various wineries in the area. Barbera is the protagonist of major events in the region: the Barbera Fish Festival, a celebration which brings the Northern Seas to the small village of Agliano, and Barbera Unplugged, a two-evening tasting event where you can discover the best wines of local producers.


TRUFFLE, hidden gold in the Langhe soil

Villa Fontana opens its doors to the world of the Truffle, delicious and precious hidden gold.

In late autumn, our land gifts us one of its most precious fruits, the white truffle, which can be tasted in all the restaurants in Agliano and surrounding areas. Moreover, you can visit the various exhibition fairs which are dedicated to the precious tuber. Additionally, for small groups, Villa Fontana can organise ‘the search’: a truffle hunt accompanied by an expert mycologist at a nearby truffle ground. The most famous truffle fair, internationally renowned, is about 25 km away in the city of Alba.

Villa Fontana e il territorio: il Tartufo

Villa Fontana e il territorio: di stagione in stagione


Framed by the hills, Agliano Terme also boasts a wide culinary offering, with various typical gastronomic products to savour.

You can taste different specialties of the ancient art of charcuterie, such as the ‘drunken salami alla Barbera’ prepared with the wine of local producers. There are different types of raw and cooked salami and lard with herbs and ‘filetto baciato’ literally ‘kissed fillet’ salame. Each of these and more, made according to tradition at the Truffa cured meat ‘salumificio’ (Via Mazzini 1 – tel. 0141 954047) and which you can enjoy at Villa Fontana for breakfast or for a quick brunch.
Do not go past the ‘bagna cauda’, a classic dish from the Piedmontese tradition, a preparation of garlic, oil and anchovies in which different types of vegetables are dipped, including the famous hunchback cardoon.


Another typical product is Carlo Alberto’s bread, a special bread which owes its name to the king of the Kingdom of Sardinia and which is enriched with anchovies and walnuts, thus creating a unique combination of flavours

Once the staple of the Savoy troops, it is now produced in many Piedmontese bakeries, thanks to a baker from Agliano who dusted off the ancient recipe.
You can enjoy it at the Alciati bakery, in the town centre in via Principe Amedeo 17 (tel. 0141 954040), a gem of the village, it also makes an excellent ‘tira’, a sweet bread with raisins typical of the area.

Villa Fontana e il territorio: il pane di antichi forni

Villa Fontana e il territorio: ii tajarin, la pasta fatta in casa tipica del Piemonte


Here is another delicacy particularly appreciated by tourists.

Behold the ‘tajarin’, the fresh thin noodle pasta typical of the Piedmontese tradition that goes perfectly with all mushroom and roast sauces.It is an absolute must to try if you pass by the Ponzo butcher’s shop (Via Principe Amedeo 33 – tel. 0141 954632), together with other fresh handmade pasta such as agnolotti ‘al plin’.

Sweet delights

Spectacular specialties of the local tradition, temptations which are difficult to resist.

After your culinary journey at the table, why not finish on a sweet note with some homemade specialties of the area prepared by the Renzo Pastry Shop (Via Principe Amedeo, 15, 14041 – Agliano)? How about a ‘polentina’, a recipe based on sponge cake, raisins, hazelnuts and maraschino? Or, perhaps some ‘Agliano kisses’, a delicious combination of dark chocolate and hazelnuts?